Dubai Police begin using drones to monitor traffic

UAVs can relay traffic conditions directly to command and control room


Dubai: KHALEEJ TIMES, Amira Agarib

19 December 2017    

The Dubai Police have launched drones to monitor traffic on the roads, detect congestion during peak hours and direct patrols to ensure smooth flow of traffic.


Brigadier General Dr. Khaled Al Marri, Deputy Director of Department of Operations for Communications, said that the drones were capable of flying and surveying large areas of the emirate, which will contribute to providing maximum security, stability and smooth flow of traffic in Dubai.

Al Marri said that the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) can relay traffic conditions directly to the command and control room in the event of any traffic jam or accidents - in turn immediately alerting the public through the Dubai police services, local radio and social media.

The UAV can also be used for security surveillance, relief efforts, emergencies and various other purposes.