Zeina Nazer, Secretary General of ITS-Arab, chairing Vehicles as a Service session


London: ITS-Arab
This Mobile World Congress session will be held at Mobile World Capital, Barcelona, 28th February

The sharing economy phenomenon has moved beyond car sharing and stretched to cargo, drones, aircraft, and just about any other mobility device imaginable.

Mobile World Congress is the world’s largest gathering for the mobile industry, organised by the GSMA. During this session, world leading speakers will shed some light on the following:

  • How can mobility services continue to be tailored to the user, creating highly customised and unique riding experiences? 
  • How much is the customer ready to share with these services to benefit from tailored services? 
  • What efforts are needed from a regulatory perspective to keep up with the innovation taking place? 
  • Who are the disruptors – vehicle OEMs or telecom providers?
Eng. Zeina Nazer (MSc. PE. MBA.) is a Senior Transport Advisor with 22 years experience in design, management, and operations of Intelligent Infrastructure Systems in Middle East, Europe, S.E Asia and USA. Zeina has contributed to Standards development of Transport Systems worldwide and managed the delivery of several advisory services contracts to public sector clients relating to major Transport Master Plans, PPP and PFI.

Please visit the session details at  https://www.mobileworldcongress.com/session/vehicles-as-a-service/