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Smart Transportation Smart Transportation

UCLG-MEWA Urban Mobility Sanliurfa Summit Program

19 November 2018    

Zeina Nazer, Secretary General, ITS-Arab will participate in the 1st Session: Smart Transportation.

Middle East is MaaS-ready Middle East is MaaS-ready

Amsterdam: Traffic Technology, James Allen

21 March 2018    

The Middle East is primed and ready for a MaaS revolution, the secretary general for ITS Arab has declared.

Zeina Nazer, Secretary General of ITS-Arab, chairing Vehicles as a Service session Zeina Nazer, Secretary General of ITS-Arab, chairing Vehicles as a Service session London: ITS-Arab
This Mobile World Congress session will be held at Mobile World Capital, Barcelona, 28th February

The sharing economy phenomenon has moved beyond car sharing and stretched to cargo, drones, aircraft, and just about any other mobility device imaginable.


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12 - 13 Feb 2019, London, UK

MOVE will bring together disruptors, their technology and their attitude with stakeholders across all modes and disciplines: to dialogue, to create insight and to promote collaboration. We guarantee to be more expansive and multi-disciplined than any other event on the planet.


25 - 28 Feb 2019, Barcelona, Spain

Intelligent Connectivity marks the beginning of a new era of highly contextualised and personalised experiences, delivered when and where you want them. Within Intelligent Connectivity, we developed 8 core themes around which we will focus our content for this year’s event. 


6 - 7 Mar 2019, Dubai, UAE

World Mobility Show is an elite gathering of 300+ international mobility experts, future-ready automotive companies, technology leaders, and decision makers from government agencies, startups, corporates, investors and enterprises – all under one roof to discuss the Future of Mobility.

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