Tuesday, September 22, 2020
Whether you are passionate about developing ITS for a better transport environment, identifying business opportunities or simply want to learn more about ITS, you will benefit from ITS-Arab membership.

Membership Services

Membership services includes: 

  • Discounted Rate on attendance at ITS-Arab events 
  • Use of the ’ITS-Arab’ logo to publicise your membership 
  • Free subscription to the ITS-Arab e-newsletter with access to marketing opportunities 
  • Free listing on the ITS-Arab website 
  • Free access to ITS-Arab e-publications and website resources 
  • Free access to Interests/Working/Standards groups and notifications of upcoming meetings and opportunities to contribute 

We will continue to add benefits to ensure that your membership of ITS-Arab continues to represent excellent value for money.

Membership Benefits

ITS-Arab membership benefits include: 

  • Network with like-minded public and private sector professionals 
  • Learn from regional and international experiences 
  • Brainstorm and test your ideas with professionals from around the world 
  • Helps you develop and maintain your ITS strategy 
  • Keeps you up-to-date with the latest regional and international developments 
  • Empowers you to make decisions with confidence 
  • Promotes your interests internationally 

In addition to the above, members may also participate in the following joint activities and projects: 

  • Access to market research and business case developments 
  • Policy discussion and participation in government consultations 
  • ITS Vision template development 
  • ITS Requirements and benefits definition 
  • Architecture and standards developments 
  • Technology evaluations and lessons learned reports 
  • ITS Deployment Roadmap definition 
  • Development of ITS procurement specifications templates

Organisational Benefits

Central/Government Departments

  • Provide a balanced and efficient response to any transport related consultations    
  • Provide a platform for investigating the benefits of ITS technologies and how these technologies can facilitate the implementations of central/regional government policies   

Local Authorities/Municipalities   

  • Build international links with other Local Authorities/Municipalities internationally    
  • Provide an environment to discuss and learn from international experiences    
  • Facilitates the development and definition of your ITS vision, ITS architecture and a sustainable implementation strategy   

Emergency Services   

  • Provide access to information on how ITS technologies can help reduce traffic incidents through electronic enforcement of traffic regulations    
  • Provide access to information on how ITS can improve security through tracking and detecting illegal activities    
  • Provide access to information on how ITS can save lives through faster incident detection and response    
  • Provide access to information on how ITS can provide real-time monitoring and information to help the decision making process and provide a safer environment   

Transport Operators   

  • Access to information on how ITS technologies can help monitor and track transport assets    
  • Provide stress-free transport services that empower the travellers to avoid conflicts/incidents, while improving safety and security of the travelling public.    
  • Access to information on how ITS can create new infrastructure funding models, increase service efficiency, patronage, customer satisfaction and revenues   

Academic/Research Institutions   

  • Build local and international links with private industries and other Academic/research institutions    
  • Provide you with a wealth of ITS conference papers, seminars and workshops    
  • Helps your students gain industry experience and participate in local and international competitions that helps the economy and society    


  • Provide you with the opportunity to network with decision makers and provide input to various government organisations    
  • Help you gain international recognition and facilitate access to the ITS global market 
  • Allow you to build your product/service strategy inline with market demand

Individual Benefits

  • Keep you informed of ITS trend internationally    
  • Provide you with the opportunity to get to the forefront of ITS development both locally and internationally    
  • Provide you with the opportunity to share and test your ideas and learn from the experiences of others    
  • Provide you with the opportunity to gain skills and experiences that could enhance your career prospects 
  • Give you the opportunity to make a difference by shaping the future of our transport services

Membership Fees

Membership is subject to Executive Committee approval. 

The classes of membership are as follows:

·    Platinum Member  (GPB 15,000) – The true leaders of ITS-Arab.  Major ITS organisations in the region seen to be at the pinnacle of the industry.  As industry leaders, Platinum members get all the benefits listed above, lead the ITS-Arab logo and get their logos on all correspondence from ITS-Arab, on all pages of the ITS-Arab website and in other corporate branding to truly show their value to ITS in the Arab Region. 

·    Gold Member (GBP 8,000.00) – all the benefits of membership for all employees plus the right to have a place on the ITS-Arab Council and set the direction of the organisation.  

·    Corporate Member – (GBP 4,200) - all the benefits of membership for all employees at a more affordable price, allowing organisations of any size to be part of ITS-Arab.  

·     Individual Member (GBP 300) – offering all the membership benefits for ITS professionals not working for   member organisations – 

·     Student Member (GBP 30) – offering all the membership benefits for aspiring ITS professionals – 

·     Observer Corporate Member (GBP 800.00) – for organisations without any base in the Arab Region who wish to follow developments here 

All prices include tax as appropriate.  Membership is effective for one year from the month you join.  Platinum, Corporate and Gold memberships cover all directly employed staff of the organisation

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